Popcorn Demo on a Mac

Below is a screen shot showing a little of what can be done with Popcorn, but on a Mac! This example shows adding one plug-in (Google Maps), but the application can be extended to support the other plug-ins available for use in Popcorn. I will be blogging in more detail about this and how it is set up in the near future.

This example allows the user to specify when to show the Google Maps plug-in, when to hide it, and which location to display. Here, the Google Maps plug-in is being displayed between 2 and 10 seconds of the video, showing San Francisco, CA. For a better user experience, the application can find the latitude and longitude of the specified location without the user having to explicitly type it in.

The work being done here will soon be integrated into the plug-in we are creating for Final Cut Pro. To see what we are planning to do for version 0.1 of our plug-in, please read Final Cut Pro Plug-in – First Steps.

This is very exciting, and great applications and interactive videos can be made using Popcorn. For people who want to take advantage of the power of Popcorn, but do not want to write the code, check out Butter. Keep on the lookout for further posts describing more details of using Popcorn on a Mac and the progress we are making on our plug-in for Final Cut Pro.

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