Popcorn.js Template for Grade 6 Class

Recently, we have been working on getting a version of Butter that will be useable for a grade six class to use for a school project. To learn more about what the grade six class is doing, read Matt Thompson’s great blog post,  “Social video” and the 21st century classroom.

Yesterday, Jon Buckley and I worked on creating a template to allow the students to see what their work will look like once they export it from Butter.

Since the students will be doing their work on netbooks, this template was designed to fit on a netbook with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600. Here is a quick demo of our Ocean Observations Biodiversity Video template–different plug-ins will appear on the screen for the first minute of the video. We will likely be creating more templates so that the students will have a selection to choose from for their project. I am very excited to see what the grade six students create!


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