DPS911 Release 2

Release 2

This is my second release for David Humphrey’s open source class. I spent the majority of my time this release working on getting ChocTop to work in Popcorn Maker FCP, so that when users open Popcorn Maker FCP’s DMG file to install the application, they are presented with custom images. This post goes into detail, and also explains the issues I ran into along the way. I am happy that I was finally able to get ChocTop to work; I was working with tools that I haven’t used before, and running into errors I’ve never seen or dealt with before either. Having these tools not throw run-time errors every time I want to use them is a good feeling. Now that I have it working, the next iteration will involve talking to people on IRC in order to make it look the way we want.

I also worked on three Popcorn Maker bugs, which are now up for review, as explained in this post. I am still working on bug 254 for Popcorn Maker, which is to remove the apply button from anywhere in the application in order to eliminate the confusion between the differences of the apply and okay button.

Reflecting on Release 1 Goals

Reflecting on what I needed to work on from my first release:

  • This release I did blog and tweet about my process as I was doing it
  • I used IRC more as well, but I can still be more active on it
  • I was on Twitter much more, getting more involved with the community

Next Release

I am looking forward to working on getting TestSwarm to work on iOS with David Seifried next week, as well as polishing up the DMG file for Popcorn Maker FCP, and working on more Popcorn Maker bugs.

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