Butter: Bugs 256 and 390

Butter 0.2 has been released. Bobby Richter, and David Seifried have written in detail what it’s about.

Leading up to the release, I fixed up the bugs listed in my DPS911 Release 3 blog post, namely, bug 256, and 390.

I spent time fixing up the bugs, and I sent up the changes to GitHub. Bobby, however, knowing I was working on writing a paper, kindly decided to combine the solution of bug 256 and 390 into one, and he sent up his solution in this pull request. Seeing as I was the one working on those tickets and already knew the code, and that I had a solution up already, I did the peer review (well, actually, it was assigned to David Seifried, I just started adding comments on GitHub, and that’s when Dave assigned it to me). From the comments I made, some were accepted, some rejected, and a ticket was created for a couple of others. It’s always nice to have a mix.

One of the changes involved an error message that was given. After entering in an invalid start and end time for a track event, the message given is: “You’ve entered an invalid start or end time. Please verify that they are both greater than 0 and less than the duration of the media”. The two issues with this are:

  • The end time can be equal to the duration of the video.
  • The duration of the video isn’t shown anywhere.

The message was then changed to say: “You’ve entered an invalid start or end time. Please verify that they are both greater than 0, the end time is equal to or less than the media’s duration, and that the start time is less than the end time.” This fixed the first issue; a bug was filed to deal with second: Bug 459 was created to add in the duration to the error message.

The solution in the pull request above includes validating the start and end times of a track event. The patch, however, does this validation in the track event editor. The problem with this is that if another editor is made down the the road, or if a track event is edited somewhere else in the code, this validation is by-passed, and the bug will show up again. Because Butter was to be released that night, the current solution made it in, but another bug was filed to deal with this issue specifically, bug 458. There were other minor fixes as well, all in the pull request linked above. The ones listed here are the more important ones.

It is really interesting seeing the changes being made in Butter, it is is starting to look really good. I am loving the highlighting feature that allows users to visually see which part of the web page the plugin they are using will affect. Right now, I am working on two bugs. The first is bug 434, which is to allow moving multiple track events at the same time. The second one is bug 459, linked earlier, which is to add the duration of the video to the error message given when an invalid start or end time for a track event is entered.

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