DPS911 Release 4

This release, I did work on Butter and TestSwarm for Popcorn on iOS.

The first two bugs are from Butter, bugs 256 and 390. As explained in the post, I did the work needed for the two tickets, but the code that was actually staged came from Bobby, who used the work from tickets 256 and 390, and merged it with bug 313, and I did the peer review.

I also worked on bug 434, which ended up being a lot more work than I expected. Even though I have some code working, this bug will need a lot more put into it before it’s done. Since the jQuery UI draggable plugin will no longer be used, a lot of functionality that used to come for free now has to be implemented by us. Before getting too far with my solution, David Seifried told me that I should talk to Bobby, since he talked about writing our own drag-and-drop functionality in order to reduce the dependencies in Butter.

In addition, I fixed up bug 459. Even though it was easy, I hope that having a more meaningful and readable error message will add to the user experience.

Finally, I worked on getting TestSwarm for Popcorn on iOS to work. Now TestSwarm can run Popcorn tests on the iOS simulator and the physical device!

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