DPS911 Release 5

This release I worked on four bugs in Butter:

  • Bug 434: Let users move track events together.
  • Bug 458: Put the code that validates the times entered for track event updates in a better place.
  • Bug 493: Focus the track event editor if a track event is doubled clicked and the editor is already open and in the background.
  • Bug 463: Implement undo/redo backend.

I wrote about bug 434, 458, and 493 in this post. I wrote about bug 463 in another post, here.

Bug 434 is still a work in progress. Bobby already started working on implementing our own drag and drop code in src/util/dragndrop.js.

Bug 458 is in review, but I need to fix a problem with my solution. The problem is that when a user hits tab after editing one of the fields, the editor will close. However, there is another bug which is open that will allow users to edit another track event from the track event editor. This means the editor should not close automatically on its own, and thus I am going to suggest leaving the closing of the editor up to the user.

Bug 493 is staged; I ran into this bug while working on bug 458.

Bug 463 is up on GitHub now in order to get feedback so I can put the code in the proper place and adjust the design as necessary.

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